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Gender & Development Program


Gender and Development (GAD) Program is based on integrated community development approach. GAD program of HANDS works as cross cutting theme to ensure gender equity and equality in organizational policies, procedures and in all programs and projects. GAD program of HANDS creates an enabling environment to flourish the skills of men & Women, ensure it's application in development work and women's socioeconomic empowerment.

Strategy I: Project Designing and Implementation

GAD has designed and executed following projects with the support of health, education and poverty alleviation programs during the reporting year to achieve focused MDGs and to ensure gender equity and equality in all programs and projects.

S.No. Project Donor Location
1 Equipment and instruments supplies to health facilities and community Save the Children Umerkot
2 Disability PPAF/World Bank Karachi
3 Child Survival Project Save the Children UK Umerkot
4 Enhanced ability of education monitoring committees to ensure the provision of quality services at district level. SPO Tando Allah Yar
5 Enhanced ability of health monitoring committees to ensure the provision of quality services at district level. SPO Badin
6 Development of model village at Noor Mohammad village, (CPI Project) Shell/PPAF/World Bank Karachi.
7 HID project, PPAF/World Bank Karachi
8 Training of Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) Project. SRSO/P&DD Kashmore & Shikarpur
9 Training of Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) Project. BP Pakistan Sanghar
10 Sindh Coastal Area Development Project (SCAD) PPAF/World Bank Karachi
11 Social Sector Development Project (Health) PPAF/World Bank Thatta, Karachi, Ghotki
12 Social Sector Development Project (Education) PPAF/World Bank Thatta
13 GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) GAVI Matiari
14 Social Mobilization PPAF/World Bank Karachi
15 Rural Based Community Schools through (RBCS) Public Private Partnership, SEF/Govt. of Sindh Karachi
16 MISALI Project, Govt. of Sindh Karachi and Badin
17 "Improve Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) status in Pakistan". WPF/EU Matiari
18 Mumkin - Possibility To improve Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) CARE International/EU Shahdadkot
19 Social Mobilization for Micro Financing Khushhali Bank / Thatta, Hyderabad, Tando M. Khan, Tando Allah Yar, Khairpur, Matiari & Badin
20 MARVI (Marginalized Areas Reproductive Health & Family Planning Viable initiatives The David & Lucile Packard Foundation Umerkot
21 FALAH (Family Advancement for Life And Health) Diversification of Family Planning Activities in Pakistan (DFPAP) Population Council/USAID Sukkur, Thatta, Sanghar, Dadu, Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Larkana, Ghotki, Karachi & Jafarabad (Baluchistan)
22 RCC (Releasing Confidence & Creativity) - an Early Childhood Development & Education Project Phase - III, The Netherlands Embassy/AKF Matiari, Khairpur, Tando M. Khan & Hyderabad.
23 Community Project for Infrastructure PPAF/World Bank Karachi
24 CDG - HANDS Hospital & Emergency Obstetric Care Services Project (EOC) Infaq Foundation & Philanthropists Karachi
25 New Approaches for Reproductive Health Initiative- NARI Packard Foundation Kashmore, Jacobabad & Thatta

Strategy II: Research

GAD program facilitated ME&R program in conducting the following researches during the reporting period

S.No. Project Name District Type of Research
01 MUMKIN Shahdadkot KAP (Households)
Client Exits Interviews
Inventory Record
Public Health Facilities
02 NARI Dadu Direct Beneficiaries
KAP (Households)
Public Health Facilities
Referral Health Care Facilities
Cost benefit analysis
VHC Members
Village Screening through PRA
Public Health Facility
04 MISALI Karachi Rural KAPs
VHC Members
Public Health Facility
Village Screening through PRA
05 GAVI Matiari HMCs
VHC Members
KAP (Households)
06 MARVI (MTR) Umerkot MARVI Workers
Health Facility
Client Exits
07 BP Sanghar FARAH Project Sanghar TBAs Screening
Client IDIs

Strategy III: Capacity Building

GAD program of HANDS established and strengthened local community groups or organizations and enhanced their capacity to become socially and economically self-reliant, through a series of trainings under capacity building package. GAD Program of HANDS conducts training for local NGOs to strengthen and enhance their organizational capacity through development of standard policies, procedure and systems, enabling them to implement community need based projects and ensure quality community services. Skill enhancement training and opportunities for the staff and community partners as well. This varies from skill based training to exposure (study) visits to different organizations.

GAD program developed many capacity building packages, and developed human resource in different subjects.

Training Topic Duration Training Topic Duration
Gender, women violence and discrimination 3 days Community leadership and organization 3 days
NGOs governance 3 days Project Management 3 days
Advocacy 2 days Conflict resolution 2 days
NGOs program management 3 days Counseling 3 days
Team work 1 days Social Mobilization 1 days
Development 1 days Community Citizen Board (CCB) 1 days
NGO Financial Management 3 days Presentations and facilitations skills 3 days
Social Mobilization 3 days Capacity building package 3 days

GAD program conducted different trainings/diploma courses for Communities representatives, total 177 trainings conducted only for women members in which 3284 women trained.

Sector Topic No. of trainings No. of participants
HTCs Stitching, cutting, embroidery, textile 3 months Diploma courses (12) in 3 Training Centers 1235
Sughars Product development 3 26
Sughars Cap making 8 42
Sughars Folder making 6 51
Sughars Cut work 23 88
Sughars Hand embroidery 3 29
Sughars Cutting and stitching 3 63
Sughars Fabric 1 20
Sughars Value Addition Embroidery & Sindhi cap Making 9 125
Total Sughars 444
MISALI teachers ECE 7 200
MISALI teachers HAS 8 237
MISALI teachers Quality education 4 105
MISALI COS Participatory extension techniques training 3 80
MISALI CBOs House hold technologies training 3 80
MISALI CBOs Hand pumps repairing training 2 46
MISALI CBOs Bio sand filter training 4 97
MISALI CBOs Energy efficient stove training 4 86
Total Female CBO Members trained 931
RCC COs (Women) 11 317
SCAD Men & Women CBOs 52 156
SMCs Women members 11 201

GAD program provides opportunity to staff to build their capacity. In this regard total 13 trainings including gender sensitization trainings conducted for HANDS wherein 187 staff members trained.

GAD program has strengthened 3108 community organizations and groups in reporting period and built the capacity of 39840 members of communities. The graphs shows HANDS working with community organizations /groups. Total 7731 community organizations established and strengthened during reporting period.

Strategy IV: Services

Advocacy campaigns at national scenario launched on gender issue in collaboration with CEDAW.

Gender Segregation of CBOs Gender Segregation of CBOs
Gender Segregation of Staff Gender Segregation of Staff
Gender Segregation of Staff Gender Segregation of Staff

Advocacy events at community levels:

HANDS played a vital role to enhance social awareness among policy makers, public & private sector officials, communities & political representatives regarding women issues. In this regard various events were organize, Mother's Day celebration in school of District Matiari, interactive while International Women day celebrated with collaboration of all other NGO stake holders and Women Development Department on Provincial and district levels.

Interactive Theatre on early marriages was presented by the staff members of the district office Matiari and other activities were performed by students.

Empowerment through skill building and advocacy for gender justice seems increasing among women. The success can be measure through following success cases:

  • Women COs Milkai Para, Moosani Para took initiative to enroll 15 girls to appear Matric examination in Board of Secondary Education.
  • Women CO Siddique Khaskheli got 2 million for library and Reading room Schemes.
  • Women COs Rehri organized walk for awareness to control narcotics in Rehri Goth, a good number of women participated.
  • Women CO Milkai Para regularly running coaching classes for Metric students.
  • COs of Noor Muhammad village developed 500 CNIC cards of their members with the support of HANDS team and NADRA.
  • Women community based organizations of Noor Muhammad village enrolled 100 children in ECE and katchi classes.
  • MISALI project 46 villages COs involved in development of Energy efficient stoves and bio sand filters.

These Community Organizations developed by HANDS has supported a lot for the successful implementation of project activities like selection of Community Based Volunteers (CBVs), community teachers, Selection of TBAs for trainings, monitoring of HGMs/WGMs, celebration of maternal and child health week, awareness raising against Hepatitis C, meeting with NADRA for ID cards and supply of material for public facilities.

Strategy V: Women Empowerment

HANDS gender and development program served to promote all above rights of women and all project's interventions are women focused and provide equal opportunities to women in every sector of development. The contribution of GAD program to promote socioeconomic status of rural women is immense. Following are the achievements of.

Marvi Worker in her Marvi Markaz Marvi Worker in her Marvi Markaz
  • HANDS has established 3108 women community organizations, in which 39840 women are members.
  • 5214 community women got loan for small enterprises, livestock and agriculture.
  • 435 MARVI trained on skills of social marketing and received loan to continue family planning services.
  • Hunermand training center established in Ibrahim Hydri and 11 trades introduced for men and women members of the communities.
  • The number of women headed families receive in livelihood support is 40 support, while construction of 40 community latrines resolve women problems to some extent.
  • 40 adult literacy centers developed in which 900 women got literacy in functional literacy.
  • 120 ECE and parwarish Markaz established and strengthen.
  • 537 teachers trained in record keeping, quality assessment & class room management.
  • 170 community based volunteers female who conduct sensitization with women under FALAH project 9 FRP mentors recruited and trained on advance literacy course and skill development.
  • 26 teachers trained in LSBE project 3000 women participated in international women day.
  • 3 Hunarmand training centers were established.
  • 6 village based entrepreneur center established in which 36 women involved in village income generation activities.

HANDS skill Enhancement Program for Self-Sustainability

The old saying "give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to catch a fish and you feed him for life.

Skill Enhancement Training is Underway Skill Enhancement Training is Underway

Ms. Fahmeeda,is 22 years old resident of Village Khuda Bux, Union Council Landhi, Bin Qasim Town, her parents have been died, while her only brother is disable. MISALI project team visited her village Khuda Bux and formed COs ,she is member of women CO, and after formation of CO, soon she knew that through MISALI project, she can be trained at HTC, so she decided to join HTC through MISALI project, COs of village also supported her to join HTC and she herself decided to get training for 3 months and after 3 months successful training of stitching and embroidery, she will be able to train other girls of her village and also she will be able to generate income for herself and for her family.

Now, she attends HTC training regularly and she is satisfied from HTC staff and training methodology, and she is very optimistic that very soon she will be able to establish a centre at her village.