Poverty Model

Small Agri- farms PAP on Farm

Livelihood Enhancement Program was initiated in 1998 focusing on the development of communities through income generation opportunities, skills enhancement and overall improvement in livelihood of underprivileged. This program has quite extensive activities divided in two components i.e. on-farm and off-farm.

Livelihood Enhancement (On Farm)
On farm livelihood component promotes natural resource management, work for food security and income generation for the underprivileged communities. On farm activities enhance the livelihood of people through agricultural interventions, provision of livestock, poultry & fish farming, transfer of assets, promotion of horticulture and social forestry. The program also provides capacity building trainings to the beneficiaries.

Small Agri-farms

The small agri farm model is designed for income generation and promotion of Non Genetically Modified (NGM) seeds/fruits. Small agriculture farms are developed for promotion of NGM seeds, fruits, vegetables and other cash crops for income generation. These farms are developed through farmer groups with the technical support of concerned government departments. All crops are cultivated as per defined agriculture standards. Farmers' capacity is built through field activities and trainings for better land management, increased agricultural output and marketing. Capital cost is provided by HANDS for cultivation and profit is distributed among the farmer groups on equal sharing.

The objectives of this model are to:

  • Organize farmers' groups.
  • Promote NGM seeds.
  • Build capacity of small farmers.
  • Increase production of vegetables, fruits, wheat, sunflower, cotton and rice.
  • Develop marketing strategy for sale of products.


  • Well-being ranking and poverty scoring in target population
  • Selection of beneficiaries through assessment form
  • Finalization of beneficiaries with recommendation of Community Based Organization (CBO)
  • Development of Livelihood Investment Plan (LIP)
  • Large community meeting
  • Formation of farmer groups
  • Formation of purchasing committee
  • Opening of CBO bank account/funds provided directly through HANDS
  • Transfer of grant
  • Purchase and provision of agri-input (fertilizer, seeds and pesticides)
  • Maintenance of financial record in cash book
  • Monitoring and supervision

Through this model support has been provided for development of 239 small agri-farms in the preceding years.

Unit Cost:



Small Agri-Farm (4 acres)






Inputs (fertilizer, Agri-kit)

4DAP,6 Urea,1 kit



Cash for cultivation (land leveling & water management)

4 acre



Capacity building of farmers




Herbicide Seeds (vegetables, wheat ,fruits)

4 acre



Nursery (for plantation)

1000 plants