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HANDS Web Based Training Management Software

HANDS is committed to provide quality services in Human and Institutional Development (HID) sector. The aim is to create a culture of learning where individuals and institutes take responsibility for their development in partnership with HANDS. The services of HID are offered in four main areas which include community trainings, professional development program, institutional development and consultancy services.

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HANDS Web Based Training Management Software

HANDS web based Training Management Software (TMS) is developed to maintain a web based database of all training records. It is being used as the online source of data storage and maintenance. Monthly training planner is developed and shared with the use of online TMS. The profiles of trainers and trainees are made available online. The system is designed on the basis of training categories. Each District Executive Manager (DEM) is assigned with a user ID and password to upload and view training records conducted in his/her respective community development center/district office. All records are verified and validated by HR & ID assigned Admin (the central administrator at head office), when uploaded by district offices. All district offices share their monthly training reports through online system in Management Committee Meeting (MCM). The system also provides the addresses and contact person details of all HANDS' community development institutes. It can be accessed at
The objectives of this model are to:
 Integrate user friendly and reliable database management system.
 Bring flexible and universal online database management system for trainings at HANDS.
 Provide access to district offices for uploading training records.
 Develop training reports.
 Consolidate system for training records.

Each authorized personnel uses his/her user ID and password to login the system, where contents are developed as per training category including community trainings, professional development programs and consultancy services. Training programs are linked with projects/donors and ICD centers.

All district IT Associates, District Executive Managers and Monitoring Managers were trained and provided orientation of web based training management system. After training, the system was fully implemented in all HANDS' district offices/community development centers. Following information was made available on TMS:
 Addresses of all HANDS district offices and community development centers
 Monthly training planners for every month of the year were developed and shared.
 Details of 91 HANDS master trainers in various sectors
 Record of 24903 participants in various training programs
 Record of 1701 trainings conducted under HANDS' HID program